Tired of…how long it takes to re-tag your store?  Having trouble with keeping up with all of the vendor price changes?

It's Here!

Electronic price tags!

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Why Electronic Price Tags?

Transform the way you handle pricing and promotions. Our advanced technology allows you to update prices in real-time, ensuring your customers always see the most current information. Each tag can also display up-to-date product availability, streamlining your pricing strategies and making them more responsive to market changes and customer demands.

Examples of Electronic Price Tags

  1. Mattress Size Stock Availability
    Ensure your customers have accurate information about mattress sizes and stock levels with our sleek, easy-to-read electronic tags.

  2. In Sleeve with Promotion/Event Paper Tag
    Integrate promotional and event details seamlessly with our in-sleeve tags. Perfect for highlighting special offers and events while maintaining a professional appearance.

  3. Package/Kit Tag
    Showcase individual items within a package, including their prices and stock availability. Each tag features a picture of the package and a QR code linking directly to your website, enhancing the customer shopping experience.

By incorporating electronic price tags into your retail environment, you not only enhance efficiency but also improve the overall shopping experience for your customers. Embrace the future of retail with technology that keeps your business ahead of the curve.

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