Merchandising tools to grow margin dollars – shows you by price point, by vendor, and by category – how your showroom inventory is performing.  Looking at best sellers at family and item level based on a 120-day margin $ metric.


Marketing tools to grow traffic and return on advertising.

This includes a custom price tag program enabling retailers to effectively standardize a price tag design and quickly and efficiently change every tag for each monthly sales promotion.  Ability to re-tag your entire showroom within a fraction of the time it takes you now.

Operation Scorecard

Weekly business scorecard with comparisons to last year and highlighting progress towards goals on all the key business metrics including category performance.

Ticket Analysis

Sales tools to grow close rate and average sales.

Daily, Month-to-Date, Quarter-to-Date, and Last 120 days sales tool views.  Sort by payment terms, category, vendor, city, and the sales results.  You can look at how each sales specialist is performing by sales, margin, ups, average sale, their success rate, discount % offered to customers and their protection attachment rate.  Coaching tools for sales managers to identify strengths and opportunities for each salesperson. 

Office Support

Tools to manage open sales orders, tools to be more proactive on customer order management, and tools to eliminate over orders.

Our Valued Clients

Our Valued Clients

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