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Tools2Win® is a suite of software tools that turn Point-of-Sale data into actionable information. It is a 100% automated solution that includes Merchandising, Inventory, Marketing, and Sales tools delivered to a retailer’s inbox daily.  The output of the tools are in a simple, easy-to-read, and visual format allowing retailers and their staff to quickly understand the data and identify business opportunities.  As a result, Tools2Win® clients spend less time collecting data and more time implementing improvements.  Tools2Win® clients realize significant improvements with increased margins, reduced inventory, and reduced labor costs through automation and decisions based on data.  

Tools2Win® is a key enabler allowing retailers to make smarter, faster, and easier business decisions. 

We are passionate about helping retailers!  It is exciting to pull a client’s data together and to help identify some key changes to their business strategy that can make an instant difference.  There has never been a more critical time to make strategic business decisions based on data than today.  Using data to make decisions is our specialty.  The Tools2Win® platform was built for retailers by retailers!  We know how busy you are running a business and designed the Tools with that in mind. 

Our History

Jamie Winter, co-owner of Furniture Mall, grew up in the family furniture business in Emporia, Kansas with his Dad, Uncle, and Grandfather running the company. After high school he went off to college, graduated with an engineering degree, and went to work in the corporate world. While in the corporate world, he worked for Motorola in various roles of engineering, engineering management, and general management. Jamie also started a factory from scratch in China for Motorola and grew that factory to 1,300 employees and $500M in sales. In every role, Jamie discovered a lack of data to make critical business decisions. He developed several data analytic tools to solve this lack of data which was distributed worldwide to all factories. In 2009, the family business was expanding and growing in Topeka, Kansas and it was great opportunity to re-join the family business and exit the corporate world. Jamie invested his life savings and bought into the family business. Once on board, he quickly realized there was no data to make critical business decisions and had no idea if he would ever get a return on his investment. With his software development experience and data analysis mindset, Jamie quickly began to extract data from the Point-of-Sale system to generate tools for their own business.

It started small but quickly grew to support all areas of the business. One of the first tools that he developed was the auto order tool for stock re-orders to remove any guess work in the order process and reduce the amount of time ordering by ten times. As the team was preparing to go to Market he began generating merchandising tools to determine what categories and vendors to grow or shrink based on margin contribution. These data driven tools have helped propel the growth of Furniture Mall. Jamie began to share information on the data they used to make decisions and drive their success with other members of their performance group. He soon agreed to begin developing tools for a few members of this group. In 2016, a formal program was launched with the Furniture First buying group and its members. At that time, a small team of engineers was assembled to further propel Tools2Win® as a viable data analytics solution in the home furnishings industry. Since then, Tools2Win® has expanded and is now supporting retailers inside and outside of Furniture First. The company is now supporting over 200 store fronts, representing greater than $1B at retail.

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